The #BLX #EasterArtHunt


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The #BLX #EasterArtHunt is part of an initiative to promote public art in Welland and to encourage the community to support local artists. This initiative has been produced by The Black Lantern Experience (BLX): a group of independent artists based in Welland. Our mission is the exhibition and encouragement of artwork created by independent artists working in the Welland area in an environment that is free of censorship.DO YOUR PART TO SUPPORT ART!

The BLX: Easter Art Hunt will be held within the Downtown Welland area: east of King Street, north of and including Market Square and Division Street, west of Ross Street and East Main, and south of the Boardwalk, Courthouse, and Dorothy Street. Numerous pieces of artwork created by BLX artists will be hidden throughout this area. All you need to do is find them!

We have packaged these artworks to protect them from the elements, along with information about the artist who produced the work and BLX. These artworks are yours FREE FOR THE TAKING…you just have to FIND THEM!

The Easter Art Hunt will take place beginning the morning of Saturday, April 19th. To participate, you simply have to go looking for the artwork, find it, and share it on social media with all your friends! Please be sure to post a photo of your found FREE ART to our Facebook page at

There is no registration, fees, or requirements to participate. Have fun!



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