Stick It! An International Sticker & Wheatpaste Show


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BLX and Always Fresh present:

Stick It! An International Sticker & Wheatpaste Show

Sat. May 3 @ 8pm

75 West Main St, Welland, Ontario

The world of sticker street art is invading the BLX Artspace! On May 3, BLX and Always Fresh play host to stickers and posters from over 20 street artists from around the globe! See hundreds of original pieces displayed as they would be on the streets.

Always Fresh will also be showcasing pieces from their private collection which features some very RARE and ORIGINAL works from some high profile street artists.

Local street artist MoPA ( Minister of Public Arts ) will have some pieces on display as well as sticker packs and wheatpaste posters available for purchase with proceeds going to supporting the efforts of BLX.

BLX tshirts will also be available for purchase at this event.

Other street / graffiti artists are encouraged to bring stickers to trade as well as your blackbooks.

DONT MISS this rare opportunity to see this unique cultural art form up close and learn about the global culture behind it!

Please send submissions to:
(Submissions received after May 1 will not be displayed in the show)

Stick It!
c/o: 8-125 Woodlawn Rd
Welland, Ontario, Canada,
L3C 7B5



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