Please move along there’s nothing to see here!


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Please move along there’s nothing to see here!

This was a showcase of images and visuals by T. Lee Kindy at the Black Lantern Experience art space on West Main Street in Welland as part of the Canada-wide Culture Days weekend. Kindy, a photographer of 30 years, admits the title of the show was a bit of a joke.

“There was quite a bit to see,” said Kindy, whose heavily edited photographic works focusing on themes of sex and violence will be the bulk of the show’s offering. Images such as killer clowns in lingerie will be up on the walls. Kindy said such works aren’t about promoting violence but more about recognizing its inherent place in human nature.


(article originally written by Steve Henschel of Niagara This Week but the past/present tenses were edited)

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