F***ed Up S**t! show


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We have an awesome show coming up on the 19th of October!

F***ed Up S**t!

Enjoy the video and come out to the show!!!

October 19, 2013

75 West Main Street

Welland, Ontario





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    1. Leilani10-10-13

      Please remove your post on Artfest Welland page as we have minors and others that we do not need to offend by the f word heard or bleeped.
      I do not want to censor any one in their expression, but you are using a page that does not belong to you.
      I also do not want to report this as spam.
      Please take care of this.
      We do need a public outcry on the state of the murals.

      • admin10-10-13

        As much as I’d love to I was not the person to post it and do not have the ability to do so. I am pretty sure you are an Admin though, you should be able to do this, if not perhaps contact the poster directly and ask. Thanks…

    2. Desa (Steph Wakunick)10-10-13

      first post on my FB feed, first thing in the morning… of COURSE I immediately turn my speakers on and play this…. :) morning groggy ‘urrrgh’ face turns to big giggly smile… Thanks Guys (and girls)… can’t wait for the shows.

      • admin10-10-13

        Look forward to seeing you!